About Us

Urine toxicology testing is the foundation of Landmark Diagnostics core business. Our clients, who typically comprise drug rehabilitation facilities of various kinds, pain management facilities and physician practices and clinics, require the clinical laboratory testing of collected patient urine samples in order to determine the presence (or lack) of alcohol, prescription drugs or drugs of abuse in their patients’ specimens.

Patient samples are analyzed utilizing specialized immunoassay equipment and reagents, providing a qualitative reading for the presence of tested substances; the samples then undergo forensic testing in order to determine the quantitative value, within a specific range, of the tested substances found to be present in the patient’s urine sample. This quantitative testing, which provides for rapid and accurate final results, is carried out by a reference laboratory using either GCMS (Gas Chromatographic-Mass Spectrometric) or LCMS (Liquid Chromatographic-Mass Spectrometric) equipment. 

As a vertically-integrated toxicology company providing clinical laboratory testing and related services, Landmark Diagnostics offers its clients an impressive and wide-ranging palette of products and services designed to deliver rapid, accurate results in support of our clients’ businesses. Our laboratory offers a complete testing solution in a manner that is generally customizable while remaining safe, secure and fully HIPAA-compliant in all respects. Testing is conducted on the most accurate and advanced equipment available, using proven methodologies that provide superior and consistent results, and is performed by experienced professionals whose expertise is simply unmatched.

Landmark Diagnostics is a COLA accredited laboratory registered through CLIA and nationally licensed in several state regulatory programs. We adhere to guidelines stipulated by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act and College of American Pathologists.